The HealthLink platform is a single integrated patient engagement solution to help patients better understand and comply with their care plans. It can transform the complexity of nearly any clinical care process into an intelligently simplified experience for patients and care providers alike.

The Patient App

The HealthLink patient app translates what is often perceived by patients as overwhelming and confusing care plans into accurate step-by-step activities of what the patient needs to do TODAY as agreed upon in partnership with their care team. Based on methodologies from behavioral science, it provides all the appropriate support and encouragement ranging from gentle nudges to actual HIPAA-secure chat communications from remote care coordinators.

Patient App

The Coach App

The HealthLink coach app, available on tablets for care coordinators, care managers, and health coaches, enables an at-a-glance overview of an assigned patient cohort and highlights areas of concern to easily zero in on the most relevant information and act on potential points of intervention to help patients effectively manage their health. It enables quality and efficient delivery of care without overburdening physicians.

Coach App

The Desktop Dashboard

The HealthLink desktop dashboard allows a medical director, population health manager, administrator, or a physician to aggregate and analyze patient population metrics. It highlights population areas of concerns and allows the manager to easily spot compliance issues within each cohort. HealthLink helps the manager identify opportunities for improved outcomes while managing financial risk.

The Desktop Dashboard

Our Key Benefits

  • Improves patient engagement and outcomes
  • Reduces financial exposure as part of the transition to value-based reimbursement
  • Supports collaborative and connected care
  • Fits seamlessly into patients’ lives and care providers workflows
  • Encourages effective patient self-management
  • Involves care teams, only as appropriate
  • Expands the capacity of physicians
  • Uses technology to support efficient care delivery without raising an organization’s risk profile
Key Benefits

Our Key Features

  • Patient app for smartphones
  • Sensor and device data aggregation
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step care plans
  • Reminders and notifications, and escalations to care coordinators, when needed
  • Personalized and educational care plan content
  • Two-way secure chat communications between patients and care coordinators
  • Care coordinator app for tablets
  • At-a-glance patient status and tracking
  • Desktop dashboard for administrators
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • HIPAA-secure
  • Integration with electronic health records and population health management systems

What was once complex is simplified into a connected and engaged patient experience to drive compliance, outcomes, and a healthier life.

Begin today to link the caregivers and patients in your organization for better clinical and financial outcomes.

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