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Health Systems & Provider Organizations

Health systems and provider organizations are exposed to significant financial risk in their transition from payment for volume to payment for value which requires improved healthcare and outcomes that can most effectively be accomplished by a new care model with active participation by patients in their health. Effective patient engagement solutions like HealthLink have demonstrated thousands of dollars in savings per patient per year, not to mention the positive benefits associated with patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Health Systems
Clinical Research

Clinical Research Organizations (CRO’s) & Pharmaceutical Companies

Industry-wide, worldwide research by CRO’s and pharmaceutical companies is estimated to be approaching 150 billion dollars with ever increasing competition and tightening pressures on new innovations. HealthLink plays a key role with these companies to not only drive efficiencies in their research by effective engagement with patients participating in trials and post-market analysis, but also to help them evaluate how to reinvent themselves as the dynamics in the world of healthcare shift.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) & Population Health Management (PHM) Vendors

EHR and PHM vendors have revolutionized the technology associated with delivering care, and are continuing to focus, appropriately, on how to make improvements for the providers and organizations reeling from, but also embracing, the rapid adoption of these innovations. HealthLink is an ideal partner as the patient engagement arm of these vendors’ solutions allowing vendors to focus on what they do best, while HealthLink focuses on what we do best – turning patients into participants.


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