Our Vision

Our vision at HealthLink Systems is a world with sustainable healthcare for all. We imagine a time and a place where:

Patients – and Providers – are healthy and happy

Care is accessible, intelligent, and proactive

Costs are sustainable

Patients, as engaged participants in their health and connected to care teams, are pivotal to this future vision that we embrace.


Who We Are

HealthLink Systems™ empowers healthcare organizations to deliver a revolutionary care model that proactively engages patients to address the following opportunities:

  • Improving outcomes and reducing financial risk during the transition to value-based care
  • Delivering quality and efficient care while preventing provider burnout and risk exposure
  • Ensuring access to care and compliance to treatment plans including those for cost-effective research and analysis

Patient engagement is the foundational element for all of these, and HealthLink Systems provides the necessary tools to lay that foundation and turn patients into participants.

Our Essence

Our story starts with our founder and visionary, Dr. John C. Joe, who has dedicated his life to serving patients and healthcare organizations around the globe. In all of his experiences and travel to provide care and share his expertise, he is confronted, like so many of us in healthcare, with repeating impressions:

  • There has to be a better way - too many patients, providers, and healthcare organizations are suffering and struggling
  • Innovative technologies are available and patients are using them
  • Care providers and researchers want to do just that, they care and they want to provide care
  • Truly engaging patients as participants in their health and with their providers is pivotal to making a difference

Time and time again, he has led people, created processes, and inspired new technologies around the world that have made a difference, and he continues that legacy today leading us at HealthLink while we serve you.

We care because it is the essence of who we are and why we are in healthcare. We, at HealthLink, are on that path with you toward better healthcare, and we are committed to providing the technologies and solutions to help pave that path.

We hope you share our passion and vision.


Begin today to link the caregivers and patients in your organization for better clinical and financial outcomes.

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